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Impact of emotional intelligence on organizational effectivness in Kuwaiti commercial banks

Fhaid Abdulrahman Almutairi , Shaker Jaralla Alkshali

The present study aimed to demonstrate the impact of emotional intelligence (social skills, self-regulation and the use of emotions, emotional perception, and scientific qualifications) on organizational effectivness in Kuwaiti Commercial Banks. To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive ...

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Analyze the Relationship Between Wisdom Management and Knowledge Sharing Behavior

Ali Abdel Amir Fleifel Fatlawy

Dealing researcher with management of wisdom through three dimensions, namely, (selfevaluation, emotional, self-excellence) as a variable explanatory, and also dealing with the behavior of knowledge management as a variable is a response in three dimensions, namely, (knowledge sharing standards, labor ...

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Impact of emotional intelligence on the career performance of managers: An applied study of principals in Shendi municipality of Sudan

Malak Salih Saeed Hussain

Objectives: To study the effect of emotional intelligence on the job performance of high school principals in the municipality of Shendi, River Nile State, Sudan. Methods: This study was conducted using Dalip Singh's model of emotional intelligence in the managerial environment. The levels of emotional ...

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Job engagement and its relationship to job burnout - among faculty members at King Khalid University

Amina Mohamed Soliman Hussein

The research aims to identify the level of job immersion and the level of job burnout, and the relationship between them in application to faculty members at King Khalid University, according to different variables (gender, administrative tasks, duration of work within the university). The research problem ...

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The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Transformational Leadership Effectiveness the Mediating Role of Wisdom: Theoretical Framework

Saad Kareem Alhabarneh

This research aims to review the previous studies which played a role in scientific research in determining the impact of emotional intelligence on the effectiveness of transformational leadership, and the mediating role of wisdom. For achieving the research’s goals, the descriptive method was ...

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The Role of Emotional Intelligence and Demographic Variables in Improving the Job Performance of Entrepreneurs

Naeem Ali Albihany , Saeed Ahmed Al-Zahrani

Objectives: The study aims to identify the impact of emotional intelligence in improving the functional performance of entrepreneurs in Makkah region. It also aims to identify the relationship between the level of emotional intelligence and functionality depending on the demographic variables (years ...

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