Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 7 - Issue 2 (4) | PP: 186 - 198 Language : العربية

Analyze the Relationship Between Wisdom Management and Knowledge Sharing Behavior

Ali Abdel Amir Fleifel Fatlawy
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
9/6/2019 29/7/2019 8/9/2019 2/11/2019
Dealing researcher with management of wisdom through three dimensions, namely, (selfevaluation, emotional, self-excellence) as a variable explanatory, and also dealing with the behavior of knowledge management as a variable is a response in three dimensions, namely, (knowledge sharing standards, labor relations, the implementation of knowledge). The aim of the research test the correlation between the research community of the cement plant employees in Najaf, specifically administrative staff, either the research sample was a sample intentional, he was selected a sample of 86 employees out of 170 administrative employees at the plant were Retrieval (78) questionnaire valid and accounted for (46%). And ensure that research hypotheses to test the correlation between research and influencing variables. The results also extracted using statistical software (SPSS) and the most important is the conclusion research is the strength of the correlation between the two variables influencing search interpretative social identity and response functional interaction on the level of research sample.

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