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The Impact of the Administrative Empowerment at the Administrative Creativity as one of the Entrances to the Achievement of Vision 2030 from the Perspective of Women Leaders in the Saudi Higher Education

Ruwida Mohammad Al-atawi , Kainkan Fawwaz Marie

This study aims to identify the impact of the administrative empowerment at the administrative creativity as one of the entrances to the achievement of Vision 2030 from the perspective of women leaders in the Saudi Higher Education. It also aimed to identify the impact of demographic and functional variables ...

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Corporate Governance and its Role in Promoting Creativity and Innovation -A Comparative Study between Algeria and Some Arab Countries

Sahraoui Djalila , L. DJEDIDENE , Touta Nawel

The objective of this study is to provide an overview of the importance of corporate governance in promoting and activating creativity and innovation, as the main driver for growth and long term, and the importance of the study is also reflected in how to develop a systematic methodology to enable companies ...

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Knowledge management and its impact on the administrative creativity of service organizations in light of the emerging corona virus epidemic crisis SARS-COV19 (An applied study on the Islamic Solidarity Bank Sudan)

Amal Ali Mohammad Suleiman , Asia Yagoub Al-Hadi Abdel-Khair

The aim of the research is to identify the extent of activating knowledge management in Sudanese banks and employing them by creating creative and innovative administrative and marketing practices in facing the Corona virus crisis to adapt to the internal and external environment variables. The research ...

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The Employees' Attitudes about the Role of the Internal Work Environment Achieving Managerial Innovation: Case Study in the Directorate of Local Administration of Ghardaia - Algeria

Lamour Rumaila

The aim of the study was to identify the employees' attitudes about the role of the internal work environment (centralization of decisions, prevailing organizational culture, communication, training, administrative leadership, incentive system and rewards) on administrative innovation in the Directorate ...

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Effect of Entrepreneurial leadership on Maximizing Competitiveness An Applied to Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC)

Abdullah Mohammad Nekhailan AL-Mutairi

Entrepreneurial conception is widely adopted by institutions with multiple interpretations attempting to determine the dimensions of such a vital element stressing how the concept has extended to cover strategic management being the opposite face in entrepreneurial business as institutions seek to strengthen ...

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The Impact of Organizational Climate on Creativity among Employees: An Applied Study of King Abdulaziz Medical City in Jeddah

Mushref Saleh Muslat Algamdi , Faisal Mohammed A Alzahrani

The human mind is the main source of creativity, which makes it imperative for business organizations that seek to achieve excellence and leadership in the business environment. In order to pay attention to the human element and provide a decent organizational climate that stimulates creativity and innovation, ...

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The Role of Intellectual Capital in Achieving Creativity -An Empirical Study on the Applied Colleges in King Khalid University

Rawabi Hassan Alshehri

This study attempts to investigate the role of intellectual capital in achieving creativity among faculty members and their equivalents in the Applied Colleges in King Khalid University. The IC components are (structural, human, social, and physiological capital) and their effect on the faculty members ...

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