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The impact of Fiscal Stimulus on Improving the Financial Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Algeria -A field study

Abdelhak Boukafa , Haj Arrabeh , Abdullah Mayo

This study aims to determine the contribution of fiscal stimulus policy pursued by the State through the various procedures, legislative and regulatory acts to improve the financial performance of small and medium-size enterprises through a field study included a group of enterprises (200 enterprises) ...

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The Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policy on Foreign Direct Investment in Algeria During the Period 1990/2016

Qadri Nuriya , Fatima al- Zahra Sakhet

We have tried to examine the impact of fiscal policy and monetary policy on foreign direct investment flows in Algeria during the period 1990/2016, asking us to do so. Address the different definitions of fiscal and monetary policy and its objectives and instruments used to influence economic activity ...

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Rice trade policy and productivity: empirical evidence from Nigeria’s Rice sub-sector

Ogheneruemu Obi-Egbedi , Olaide A Akin-Olagunju , Isaac B Oluwatayo

Low productivity, modest production and large-scale importation characterize Nigeria’s rice subsector despite government intervention through trade policy measures since independence. Studies on Nigeria’s trade policy and rice productivity are scanty in the literature. Therefore, this study ...

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A New Perspective on the Relationship Between Monetary Policy and Banking Crises

Abdul Hussain Jalil Al- Ghalbi , Youssef Hakem Ghadir

The crisis of 2007-2008 is one of the worst of the global banking crises. It started in the United States of America and then spread to various countries in the world, most of which economies were closely linked to the US economy. The problem that focuses on this research is determined by the introduction ...

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Impact of competition & economic policy uncertainty on payout policy of the Indian pharmaceutical industry

Shireen Rosario , Chandra Sen Mazumdar

Extant literature shows that competition and Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU) have a bearing on the economic growth, investments and payout policies. However, studies in this area have been limited in India. The objective of this paper is to examine the influence of competition and EPU on the Dividend ...

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The impact of monetary policy on the foreign investment flow into Jordan

Ola Abu Rahma , Kahtan Al-Samarraie

The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of monetary policy on the flow of foreign investment to Jordan, and to achieve the study goal and test its hypotheses, it depended on the annual reports of the published central bank and reports of the Amman Stock Exchange and the quarterly bulletin ...

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The effect of domestic credit, real exchange rate, and re-discount rate on the current account in Jordan

Lama Thamer Saleem Abu rokbeh , Haneen Mohammed Khalil al khasheh

This study addressed the impact of Domestic Credit, Real exchange rate, and Re-discount rate on Current account in Jordan during the period of (1995-2017) in the short and long run terms, This Study was based on Vector Error Correction Model (VECM). The Results of this Study show A positive and Significant ...

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Implications of Applying the Policy of Localizing Craft Jobs in Saudi Arabia Impediments to their Application

Fayez Salem Al-Anzi , Gharib Mohammad Abdel Aziz

The study aimed to identify the obstacles and implications of applying the policy of localizing craft jobs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The researcher used the analytical descriptive curriculum. The tool was a questionnaire distributed to a random sample of 100 members of Saudi society in general ...

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The Role of Central Bank Policies and Mechanisms in Combating Inflation

Sheikha Suleiman Al-Barhomiyyah , Baraa Khaled Al-Jabriyyah , Ahed Muhammad Al-Sudairiyyah , Sufyan Al-Tayyib Muhammad Abdul-Qadir

This research aims to examine the role of the central bank in targeting inflation and achieving monetary stability in Oman. The research has tried, through various secondary sources, to highlight the role of the central bank in managing monetary policy. The research aimed to analyze the effectiveness ...

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Insight into the Influence of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Indian Nifty 50 Index

Shireen Rosario , CA Reginald H.J. Rosario

Objective: Existing literature attests to the longstanding global concern regarding Economic Policy Uncertainty (EPU), recognizing its impact on economic growth, employment, and investments. Despite its acknowledged influence, studies on EPU in India have been comparatively limited. This paper addresses ...

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