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The impact of living conditions and organizational practices as brain drain cause factors on the human resource assets of the health sector in the Gaza strip – Palestine

Sami Ali Abou-AL-Ross , Tarneem N. AlWaheidi

This study aims at identifying the impact of some of the cause factors of brain drain, particularly, living conditions and organizational practices, on the human resource assets of the health sector in the Gaza Strip, clarifying the role of those factors in increasing the brain drain phenomenon and what ...

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The impact of human resource management planning on competitive advantage at Jordanian pharmaceutical companies

Sabah Adel Alrawashdeh , Khaled Khalf Allafi

This study aimed to identify the impact of human resource planning on competitive advantage in Jordanian pharmaceutical companies. The study population was represented by the managers of senior management in companies working in the Jordanian pharmaceutical industry counted (21) companies. A proportional ...

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The Role of Zero Budget in Evaluating Performance and Rationalizing Expenditure

Mohammed Omar Faraj Zidan , Atef Adam Ali Bakhiet

This study aimed to study the method of Zero budget and knowledge of its components and importance in public institutions, and the importance of their application in these institutions in the areas of planning, control, financial performance assessment and cost rationalization. The study population is ...

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The role of external audit in developing the level of strategic performance for organizations - the field study

Shereif Mohamed Abdel Hamid El Sheikh

Strategic planning is the modern tool for achieving the aspiration of senior management, and for the success of the strategic planning process to be achieved at the organization level, there must be a tool that monitors, audits and measures the level of the organization's strategic performance, and the ...

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