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Modelling Volatility of the Market Returns of Jordanian Banks: Empirical Evidence Using GARCH framework

Hamed Ahmad Almahadin , Gulcay Tuna

This paper investigates the intrinsic nature of volatility in three of the core indices and the Jordanian traditional banks individually that are traded in Amman stock exchange (ASE). Daily stock market returns are used during the period beginning on 3rd January 2010 until 31st December 2015. For this ...

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Impact Evaluation of Foreign Assistance and Donors efforts on the Development Performance: Case of Jordan

Sana’ Nayef Elhennawi

Foreign aid is essential to enhance economies at poor countries. Regarding to the United Nations approved article that richer countries should assist poor countries by 0.7% of the rich Gross National Product. But still many of these countries did not offer this percentage, where this is restated in 2015 ...

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Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Macroeconomic Variables in Jordan

Khaled M. Al-Sawai'e

This study aims to obtain empirical evidence about foreign direct investment on some macroeconomic variables of the Jordanian economy for the period 1980-2013, using the model vector error correction; to indicate the direction of the causal relationship between the variables. The results of this study, ...

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The Impact Of Government Support For Wheat On The Budget Deficit

Bashar Younis Al-Khawaldeh , Ibrahem Al-Batayneh

This study aimed to measure the impact of government support for wheat on the budget deficit in Jordan during the period (1990-2015), using a multiple regression model. The results showed the following: All variables became stable after taking the first difference, as demonstrated joint integration testing ...

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The Impact of Agricultural Exports on the Jordanian Balance of Trade

Mohammed Atallah Alimat , Ibrahim Bataineh

That The undertake study aimed to illustrate the influence at the exports Development of Jordan's trade balance. undertake study was depending on approach through the building of a model of the simple Linear union and using the program of (eviews) for analyzing the data of time series at this period ...

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The Role of Electronic Accounting Disclosure in Enhancing the Financial Reports Quality and Reducing the Information Asymmetry Gap in the Jordanian Business Environment

Hassan Mahmoud Shatnawi

The purpose of this paper is to study and clarify the electronic accounting disclosure concepts, natures and development stages as well as its components. Furthermore, its role in improving the quality of financial reporting as well as in reducing the gap of the asymmetry of information in the Jordanian ...

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The impact of human resource management practices on person– job fit: the mediating role of human resources agility at Jordanian airlines companies

Maher Al-Nawasrah , Khaled Khalaf Alafi

This study aims to analyze the impact of the human resources management practices on adapting person- job fit, with the existence of human resource agility as a modified variable in Jordanian airlines, The researcher relies on the descriptive and analytical approach, The study population consist of all ...

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Strategies and their impact on achieving competitive advantage (Case study of the Jordanian-Sudanese Mashreq University 2021)

AleemAl hajAdam Abdel Rahim , Abdul-Aziz Hassan Abdul-Aziz

This study dealt with leadership strategies and their impact on achieving competitive advantage in private universities in the state of Khartoum. The questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection, and the research followed the descriptive and analytical approach to analyze the data. The research ...

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The impact of strategic orientations on organizational excellence in Jordan customs department

Safa Ibrahim Al-Hiassat , Khaled Mahmoud Al-Shawabkeh

This study aimed to identify the impact of strategic orientations on organizational excellence in the Jordan Customs Department.Researchers are fully aware of the importance of government sector organizations in the national economy in Jordan. The study was applied to the Jordan Customs Department. The ...

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The impact of strategic direction on the diversity of human resources: an empirical study: in a Centro Supermarket in Jordan

Ahmad Raja Salameh ALBatayneh , Suleiman Raja Salameh ALBatayneh , Zaid Naiel Aissa Alfugaha

The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of strategic orientation as measured by defensive strategic orientation, analytical strategic orientation, proactive strategic orientation, and strategic responses orientation on human resource diversity as measured by efficiency and skills. The descriptive ...

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