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Study the economic relationship between inflation and some macroeconomic variables in Algeria

Ramadane Lalaa , Hisher Ahmed El Tijani

Inflation is defined as an economic problem, and to reduce its economic damage requires knowledge of its effects and control. In this research work, we tried to identify the extent of inflation affected by some of the macro variables in Algeria during 43 years. The results of the analysis showed that ...

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How Billionaires Become Valuable Millionaires? Psychological Impact of Redenomination on Economy

Muhammad Rizwan Ullah , Safdar Husain Tahir , Ayesha Ateeque , Iqra Shehzadi

The study aims to investigate the psychological impact of deleting zeroes from the value of national currency. The data were collected from five countries: Israel, Argentina, Poland, Turkey and Brazil to investigate the impact of deleting zeroes. Line graphs and simple percentages were used to analyze ...

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The impact of interest rate and inflation in KSA period (1995-2018)

Elsiddig Yousif Mohammad , Mamoun khalaf Halahleh

The study aimed to analyze the effect of interest rate and inflation on bank credit and to answer the study’s questions. Regarding the theoretical framework of the study, the two researchers relied on the literature and related previous studies. As for the practical framework, the two researchers ...

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Macroeconomic determinants of economic growth using panel data analysis

Seham F. Ibrahim , Naglaa A. Morad

This study aims to identify the most important determinants of economic growth in a sample of six countries from the Middle East and North Africa region. Two of which are from high-income countries, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, and two of the highest middle-income countries, Jordan and Lebanon, and two ...

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Inflation and Unemployment in the South African Democratic Era: Is There Any Trade-off?

M. Jeza , L Greyling , KD Ilesanmi

South Africa has consistently suffered double-digit unemployment rates and unstable price levels, with a resultant stifling of economic growth rates. As a result, South Africa’s central bank policymakers have come under scrutiny regarding the adopted policy framework, which seems to be failing ...

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The Role of Central Bank Policies and Mechanisms in Combating Inflation

Sheikha Suleiman Al-Barhomiyyah , Baraa Khaled Al-Jabriyyah , Ahed Muhammad Al-Sudairiyyah , Sufyan Al-Tayyib Muhammad Abdul-Qadir

This research aims to examine the role of the central bank in targeting inflation and achieving monetary stability in Oman. The research has tried, through various secondary sources, to highlight the role of the central bank in managing monetary policy. The research aimed to analyze the effectiveness ...

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