Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 11 - Issue 1 (4) | PP: 46 - 58 Language : العربية

The impact of interest rate and inflation in KSA period (1995-2018)

Elsiddig Yousif Mohammad ,
Mamoun khalaf Halahleh
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
16/2/2021 6/4/2021 28/6/2021 30/8/2021
The study aimed to analyze the effect of interest rate and inflation on bank credit and to answer the study’s questions. Regarding the theoretical framework of the study, the two researchers relied on the literature and related previous studies. As for the practical framework, the two researchers have relied on the descriptive and analytical approach of the study, where the study studies interest rate and inflation as independent variables, bank credit as a dependent variable, and the existence of a balanced relationship between bank credit and interest rate, the rate of inflation. A direct balance between the inflation rate and bank credit, and that bank credit has an effective role in increasing economic and investment activity in the economy. The study recommended the need to pay attention to bank credit and help decision-making bodies and provide the Saudi Library with sober scientific research in the aspect of bank credit.

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