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The impact of business intelligence in supply chain performance in Alban Al-Youm company

Ahmad Raja Salameh AlBatayneh , Suliman Raja Salameh AlBatayneh , Zaid Nayel Issa Al-Fugaha

: The aim of this study is to explore the effect of business intelligence on supply chain performance Alban Al-youm Company. The descriptive analytical method was used for the purpose of this study, in which data were collected via a questionnaire distributed to a sample of managers selected from all ...

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The Effect of Using Decision Support Systems Applications and Business Intelligence Systems in Making Strategic Decisions: A Field Study in the City of Gaziantep

Ali Alhousain Al Eid , Uğur Yavuz

This study aims at studying the importance of business intelligence systems and decision support systems for Syrian civil society organizations in addition to studying the impact of the dimensions of decision support systems and business intelligence in making strategic decisions. The data was collected ...

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The Role of Business Intelligence in Promoting Decision-Making in Humanitarian Organizations Operating in Turkey, Orange Organization as a Sample

Hany Aldaher , Ömer Faruk İŞCAN

This study aimed to identify the relationship between business intelligence systems and the decision-making process of humanitarian organizations operating in Turkey. In this study, the non-experimental quantitative descriptive research method was preferred, which is one of the types of scientific research ...

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