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Modelling Volatility of the Market Returns of Jordanian Banks: Empirical Evidence Using GARCH framework

Hamed Ahmad Almahadin , Gulcay Tuna

This paper investigates the intrinsic nature of volatility in three of the core indices and the Jordanian traditional banks individually that are traded in Amman stock exchange (ASE). Daily stock market returns are used during the period beginning on 3rd January 2010 until 31st December 2015. For this ...

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The availability of the elements of the application of the principles of corporate governance issued by the Organization for Economic CooperationAnd Development (OECD) in Libyan banks

Emad M. Abu Agila

This study aimed to identify the reality of Libyan banks and the availability of the elements of the application of the principles of corporate governance pop the Organization for Development and Economic Cooperation (OECD) inside. The study sample consisted in the number of (8) results from banks , ...

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Credit Cards and their Role in the Banking Foliation "Case Study"

Omar Yousef Abdalla Ababneh

The built-economic fields on the legal of contracts outlined by the Islamic law of are considered the most important areas of the interaction between people, though the beholder in our time notes the evolution of contemporary financial transactions, it has the technical and modern digital computing entered ...

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The Role of Central Banks in Achieving Macroeconomic Stability "Cas of the Algerian Economy "

Boukhari Abdelhamid , Bouhoreira abbas

This article deals with analysis on the role of central banks Establishing economic stability in Algeria, through a set of indicators to analyze internal and external levels. According mainly to the economic analysis which is based on macroeconomic stability indicators, which reveals the effectiveness ...

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Legality of Advisory Opinion (Fatwa) Organization Work and Legitimate Supervision in Islamic Banks- Inductive and analytical study

Naif Jama’an Juraidan

This research concerned with how to present a formula that could regulate all which cornered with Advisory Opinion Organizations and legitimate supervision, designed as Law Provisions that could lead to achieving the goals of these Organization and to insure the application of Islamic Sharia Provisions ...

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The extent to which management is interested in accounting for the cost of human resources in banks

Ayman Abdulla Mohammed Abu Bakr

The study aimed to identify the extent of management's attention to accounting for the cost of human resources banks, a field study on a sample of banks in Khartoum, where he represented the study a problem in that the accounting for the cost of human resources are not important and The effectiveness ...

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The role of Islamic finance in supporting small businesses

Abdullah Bin Suleiman Al-Bahooth

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are important in the economies of many countries at the present time. They are considered to be the best way to deal with the problem of unemployment. SMEs always facing the problem of financing. Many studies have shown that the traditional lending system is ...

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Measuring the Extent of Availability of Service Quality Dimensions in Algerian Governmental Banks: the Case of National Algerian Bank (BNA) Annaba

Aboubaker Khoualed

This study aims to measure the extent of availability of service quality dimensions: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, tangibility in a Algerian governmental banks, and to realize the previous aim the study adopted the descriptive analytical method using the questionnaire tool to collect ...

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The Relationship Between Customer's Knowledge and Customer's Loyalty of Sudanese Commercial Banks

Babiker Alissa the Khalifa

This study aimed to identify the relationship between customer's knowledge and customer's loyalty of Sudanese commercial banks. The study was applied on arandom sample of400 clients dealing with commercial banks. Statistical tests such as regression analysis and correlation were utilized in the process ...

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The Efficiency of Financial Markets in the GCC Countries Case Study of Listed Banks for the Period from (2005 to 2015)

Moataz Taj Alser Mohamed , Sa'd bin Ali Al Wabel , Abbas Fouad Hassan

The study focused on knowing the real reasons behind the lack of development of stock markets in the GCC, and its inability to attract foreign investments, as well as the lack of openness to the Arab and foreign financial markets, and the adoption of a system of financial disclosure , and exchange issues ...

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