Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 4 - Issue 3 (7) | PP: 395 - 408 Language : العربية
DOI : 10.12816/0048518

The Efficiency of Financial Markets in the GCC Countries Case Study of Listed Banks for the Period from (2005 to 2015)

Moataz Taj Alser Mohamed ,
Sa'd bin Ali Al Wabel ,
Abbas Fouad Hassan
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
15/4/2018 30/4/2018 14/5/2018 23/6/2018
The study focused on knowing the real reasons behind the lack of development of stock markets in the GCC, and its inability to attract foreign investments, as well as the lack of openness to the Arab and foreign financial markets, and the adoption of a system of financial disclosure , and exchange issues raised in the primary market(the issuing market) of shares and bonds, and circulation of buying and selling in the secondary market (the negotiable markets), thus leading to the market to raise the level of competence and efficiency of the operation, efficiency of the liquidity, and the efficiency of the response to the information to those markets, in light of the political and economic circumstances surrounding area. The study aims to identify the boundaries of efficiency of stock markets in GCC and the indicators for companies that are trading on their shares, methods of statistical analysis are used to measure the hypotheses based on the statistical package (SPSS), in order to answer the questions and verify hypotheses. The main expected outcomes of the study were to determine the relationship between the efficiency of the financial performance of the banks and the companies issuing securities and its market prices, through the financial statements and the information published transparently to enable the investor to make his decision, and it also expected to raise the degree of financial literacy and investment among individuals and financial institutions in member states results.

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