Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 11 - Issue 2 (7) | PP: 243 - 267 Language : العربية

The role of social entrepreneurship dimensions in achieving development in social entrepreneurship institutions in the south of West Bank

Amoni Hatem Misbah Al-Sammara ,
Nidal Aref Abdel-Rahman Darwish
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
28/8/2021 25/9/2021 4/10/2021 4/11/2021
The study aims to shed light on the dimensions of social entrepreneurship in the entrepreneurial institutions in the south of West Bank, represented by the social vision, social networks, sustainability of practices, income generation, innovation, and their role in achieving development in its economic and social dimensions. The descriptive approach was used to conduct this study. The study population consisted of employees and volunteers in social entrepreneurship institutions located in the governorates of Hebron and Bethlehem (south of the West Bank). The study was conducted according to the random sampling method. The study population consists of (402) employees and volunteers, where the sample size was (196). The study questionnaire was distributed electronically to the sample. The questionnaire retrieval rate was (97.4 percent). Finally, the data were analyzed using the statistical software (SPSS V23). The study yielded several results, the most important of which are as follows: There is a strong direct relationship between social entrepreneurial efforts and economic and social development achievement in the Palestinian society. The findings also revealed that the dimension of social networks is the most critical and influential in the institutions of social entrepreneurship in the southern West Bank. The results also showed social vision, a high level of sustainability, and a high level of innovation among social entrepreneurship institutions. Finally, these institutions have the potential to generate income, albeit in a less significant way than in other aspects of social entrepreneurship. The study makes several recommendations: the most important is to lay the groundwork for collaborative work among social entrepreneurship institutions in nearby geographic areas. To promote and encourage a culture of innovation at all levels, to work to strengthen effective social networks in Palestinian society, as well as to develop human capital capable of assisting these organizations in their projects and activities, and finally, focusing on projects capable of generating long-term income.

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