Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 9 - Issue 1 (13) | PP: 166 - 183 Language : العربية

Empowerment and women’s entrepreneurship in Jordan

Amneh Tashheel Alajeeb ,
Shawqi Naji Jawad
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
12/12/2019 22/3/2020 28/8/2020 3/9/2020
This Study aimed to measuring the impact of women's empowerment in the growth of Women’s entrepreneurial businesess in Jordan. This is an applied field study on number of civil society organizations which concerned with supporting and empowering entrepreneurial women. (250) questionnaires were distributed all over study sample. (230) questionnaires had been recovered. (16) Questionnaires had been subtracted. The distributed questionnaire has been developed by elite professors, researchers and experts in the field of this study variable. To analyze the data that have been collected, widely SPSS program had been used and statistical analysis had been adopted and used to describe the study sample and test hypotheses in order to achieve the requested results of the Study. Results indicated that there is a positive significant impact at the level of significance (α = 0.05) for women empwoerment which represents the independent variable and its dimensions (Leadership empowerment,legal empowerment, economical and financial empowerment) in entrepreneurial businesses growth and its dimensions (Growth in the number of entrepreneurial businesess activities, growth in entrepreneurial businesess profitability, growth in the number of registered entrepreneurial businesess, growth in the employee numbers of entrepreneurial businesess). The study showed that there is a significant impact of economic and financial empowerment on the growth of entrepreneurial businesses. The study recommends the need for adopting national strategies that support entrepreneurial besnisses in general, and women’s entrepreneurial besnisses in particular, and to continue supporting women empowerment.

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