Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 9 - Issue 1 (11) | PP: 133 - 152 Language : العربية

Employees' perception of Islamic administration values in C-Town stores – Amman

Kawkab Musbah Ishti AL Tamimi
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12/12/2019 22/4/2020 28/7/2020 3/9/2020
This study aimed at explaining the extent of employees' management of Islamic administration values in Sea Town stores in the Jordanian capital, Amman, where the research dealt with the aspect of Islamic values of the principle of Shura, responsibility and justice, while on the independent variable side the administrative functions with their sub dimensions of leadership and marketing in Jordan's Ctown stores in Amman, while the study sample consisted of 247 respondents who were chosen in a random sample method and from all administrative units and departments, and the study relied on the descriptive analytical approach, so a special questionnaire was developed that was developed for the purpose of data collection and statistical analysis. The study concluded many results, the most prominent of which was the presence of a statistically significant effect at the level of significance (α≤0.05) of the administration's values in Islam with its dimensions of (Shura, responsibility, justice) on administrative functions with its dimensions of (leadership, marketing) in the researched company Which means that the values of the Islamic administration have a positive impact on the administrative functions of the sample, and in light of the results, the study made many recommendations, perhaps the most prominent of which is the importance of the research company continuing to enhance the values of the Islamic administration among its employees, and applying them to achieve them a competitive advantage, as the good application of these Values contribute to improving their internal work environment. The study also directed the companies operating in the retail sector to study and understand the methods of acquiring Islamic values and developing them among their individuals, which may contribute to the growth of their business, productivity and prosperity, and creating an opportunity to find a positive mental image among workers and customers.

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