Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 6 - Issue 3 (2) | PP: 407 - 426 Language : العربية

The Role of Transport Management Effectiveness in Tackling the Transportation Problem in Khartoum State 2014-2018

Ibrahim Badawi Abdalla Elhag ,
Nouraldaim Etayeb Yousif Elhag ,
Mohammed Ahmed Addelrasoul Saad
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
10/2/2019 25/2/2019 3/3/2019 2/6/2019
This research is aims to investigate the efficiency of the transport administration of Khartoum State in tackling intensified problems of public transport to find solutions and alternatives for the improvement of existing systems to the level that is matches recent development and meets the demand created thereby. The research problem is thus manifested in the despite the presence of specialized administration, the public transport users, suffering in still as serious as to raise the fundamental question of whether this administration is efficient enough assume the role vested in it. To that end, the researcher managed to draw a number of hypotheses of which the most important are: the contribution of the official policies governing the transport sector in reproducing the crisis of the ineffective role of the administration in resolving the problem and the fail coordination between the administration and the parties concerned. The research was carried out along the lines of historical and descriptive analytical approaches to finally come out with many findings of which the most significant are: The means of transport in the state of Khartoum suffers from many problems because it is not developed especially with the increase in population. Government policies and institutional frameworks governing the work of the transport sector have increased the transportation problem in the state of Khartoum. Transport and attention to urban planning and infrastructure of increasing roads and bridges and encourage investment in this leads to the solution of transport problems in the state of Khartoum. Hence, the following recommendations are given as most important like means of transport should be improved and replaced by more model and larger vehicles, and infrastructure should be developed, with the need to spread the culture of using public transport instead of private cars.

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