Contemporary Studies in Social Sciences

Volume 1 - Issue 2 (7) | PP: 162 - 170 Language : English

Travis Hirschi’s Social Control Theory (SCT): Yoruba Family-Value and Domestic Violence Against Married Women

OLATUNDE, Oluwafemi Imisioluwa
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
29/4/2023 5/6/2023 3/7/2023 13/12/2023
Objectives: Domestic violence against married women (DVAMW) is a major challenge facing many married women in family-relationships today. Its menace is not only altering the expected peaceful union and unity in family-settings but, equally, affecting most married-victims from performing their necessary roles or obligations in family-settings. The paper seeks to examine Yoruba family-values, Yoruba family-structure, and the Yoruba-culture, in details. Methods: The paper grounded in exploratory research, is anchored on Social Control Theory (SCT) and secondary data sourced through peer-reviewed journals, edited books, news magazines, and credible on-line resources to explore DVAMW as a culture off-shoot that is depriving, if not denying, most married women the expected love, support, satisfaction, socialization, and equity within the family system. Results: The paper finds that the patriarchal system entrenched in the Yoruba-culture gave married men undue preference and domination over married women while 'socializing' women to endure men's physical, mental, and psychological violence in family-setting, especially. Conclusions: The paper concludes that couples should imbibe the spirit of love and oneness/unity to avoid any cultural, religious, family, or self-arrogated values that may likely promote DVAMW in family-settings. It is thus, recommended that spouses should focus more on how to understand and manage one another properly in order to have and enjoy a successful family-relationships, while the society should guide and guard against any value-system that may likely promote gender-inequality and, by extension, DVAMW in particular.

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