Contemporary Studies in Social Sciences

Volume 1 - Issue 2 (4) | PP: 133 - 145 Language : English

Qatar 2022 World Cup Cultural Celebration: An Arabic Model of Cultural Diplomacy

Khalida Sammour
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
4/7/2023 24/7/2023 14/8/2023 13/12/2023
Objectives: This study reports the findings of a research into cultural diplomacy and sport. It aims to analyse the role of cultural diplomacy and sports culture in establishing the grounds for a mutual cultural dialogue among different societies. The study also aims to investigate the impact of diplomatic efforts promoting the Arabic and Qatari culture during a universal sport event that occurs in an Arab country for the first time in history. This study was conducted using a cross-sectional design. The data has been collected by interviews and questionnaires. Methods: The study employs descriptive and inferential approaches. The research data was analysed by using (SPSS). Results: Based on the research results, the researcher proposes conclusions regarding efficient and effective management of such a global sports event where most World countries meet. Results show that Qatar considers customs and values of different cultures and can counter anti-media campaign. Conclusions: The researcher recommends organizing more culture related-courses among Arab youth, providing support for local Arab institutions which sponsor sports, arts and entertainment activities and carrying out more research on social and psychological aspects of sport due to lack of literature on the theme.

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