Contemporary Studies in Social Sciences

Volume 1 - Issue 1 (2) | PP: 18 - 38 Language : العربية

The Relationship between Ghosting and Machiavellian Personality among Yarmouk University Students

Fawwaz Ayoub Momani ,
Jihan Salim Alshraah
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
10/1/2023 20/2/2023 1/3/2023 15/4/2023
This study aims to investigate the relationship between ghosting and Machiavellian personality in a sample of (746) students, at Yarmouk university who were chosen according to the convenient sample. To achieve the goals of the study, the ghosting scale was used along with the Machiavellian personality scale. The result of the study showed that the level of ghosting at Yarmouk university students is moderate. as results depicted the presence of statistically significant differences mainly selected between the arithmetic average of responses of the study sample on the ghosting scale, attributing to the sex variable in favors of male. The result also showed that the level of the Machiavellian personality related to the study sample is moderate along with the presence of statistical difference attributing to the sex variables in favor of the male, the academic degree in favor of the bachelor students, the college in favor of human faculties, and the results were able to depict a positive correlation relationships between the ghosting and the Machiavellian personality among Yarmouk university study.

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