Global Journal of Economics and Business

Volume 12 - Issue 2 (7) | PP: 246 - 255 Language : العربية

The Arab Mediterranean Countries and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

Ziad Akrout
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14/2/2022 26/2/2022 27/3/2022 8/5/2022
The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership represents one of the foreign projects presented to the Arab countries in the south of the Mediterranean. The European Union is the engineer and main driver of it at the behest of the French Republic, which still considers this region an extension of it by virtue of heritage and historical relations. Therefore, this paper sheds light on the Arab Mediterranean countries and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership by analyzing the basic aspects on which this agreement focused on the political, security, economic, financial, cultural and social levels on the one hand, and the most important challenges that constituted an obstacle to the success and extension of Mediterranean cooperation projects on the other hand. Finally, the paper presents opportunities and possibilities as well as future prospects for the success and enhancement of cooperation, by finding alternatives for many projects in order to achieve development and stability on both sides of the Mediterranean.

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