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Carrying out the inspection process as a criminal procedure while carrying out security works in accordance with the Kuwaiti legislations

Abdullah Ajlan Abdullah Aldousari

The Kuwaiti police is responsible for promoting safety and security. It is the main agency that is responsible for protecting people from internal threats. Under the law, it is responsible for protecting the state from criminals, crimes and the ones who violate the law and the public order. While the ...

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The extent of the judiciary’s control over the work of administrative control in normal and exceptional circumstances

Rami Ali Al-Daradkeh , Omar Abdelmohdi Muhammed Al-Omari

This research study came to talk about the issue of administrative control and what it includes from the procedures and actions practiced by the administration, and to indicate the extent to which it must adhere to the objectives of administrative control and not deviate from the general rules in it. To ...

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International action in public health emergencies (The role of the International Committee of the Red Cross as a model)

Wahag Khder Abbas

Humanitarian work includes a set of measures intended to alleviate the pain and suffering of those affected by humanitarian crises, whether armed conflicts or natural disasters. Those undertaking humanitarian work rely on humanitarian principles such as neutrality, impartiality and independence to obtain ...

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Legal implications of the "Covid 19" Corona virus on employment contracts

Istbraq Mohammad Hamzah , Ammar Murad Ghirkan

The world has been experiencing for a while the least difficult events that can be said about them, which have resulted in the death of hundreds of people and the injury of thousands, so that it has not been able to until an hour, that is, to stop the spread of this epidemic, which was caused by the ...

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The Legal Status of Juvenile in Bahraini Labor Law: A Comparative Study

Khaled Jamal Ahmad Hassan

It is no doubt that employing a juvenile, while he lacks the physical, psychological and mental capabilities required for the work he is contracted to do, is a great danger that threatens, not only the future of the juvenile, but also the human societies overall, especially within the spread of the phenomenon ...

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The Legal Value of the Preparatory Work and Agreement "Oil Contracts as a Model"

Osama Mohammad Khalil , Adnan salih Alomar

Objectives: This research seeks to identify the role preparatory work in oil contracts because of the need of these contracts to preparatory and negotiating rounds, so that the oil-producing states- in particular developing countries- can reach to the best contracts to achieve the contractual balance. Methods: ...

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