International Journal of Legal and Comparative Jurisprudence Studies

Volume 4 - Issue 2 (5) | PP: 121 - 146 Language : العربية

The Legal Status of Juvenile in Bahraini Labor Law: A Comparative Study

Khaled Jamal Ahmad Hassan
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11/2/2023 2/3/2023 6/4/2023 16/8/2023
It is no doubt that employing a juvenile, while he lacks the physical, psychological and mental capabilities required for the work he is contracted to do, is a great danger that threatens, not only the future of the juvenile, but also the human societies overall, especially within the spread of the phenomenon of juvenile's work in many countries of the Arab world in general and in the poor countries in particular, which suffer from an increase in poverty, destitution rates and unemployment rates. Also, there is no unemployment benefits, provided under their laws, or at least there is a weakness or non-activation of these benefits, assuming that they exist. Accordingly, labor Laws in different jurisdictions are seeking to set out a legal regulation of the juvenile position in order to protect him from the employer's abuse and to provide him the necessary care that prevents him from self-harm. For this aim, I suggest that the legislators accurately and wisely determine the work age of the juvenile in a manner that does not negatively affect his physical and psychological structure or his academic or career future. A written consent must be obtained from the juvenile's legal guardian before employing him, and he must be prohibited from working at night or more than three consecutive hours or overtime or on any weekly or annual leave without making any exceptions to that and determining his wages at a certain lump sum that suits his work in quantity and quality without allowing the employer to determine it on the basis of the piece or production. Finally, the labor laws must determine the hazardous industries or works in which the juvenile is prohibited from without referring to subsequent regulations or subsequent decisions issued during the juvenile's work and allowing him or his legal representative to request termination of the contract at any time if it would harm him in his physical or psychological formation or his scientific or career future.

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