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Antimicrobial resistance of bacteria associated with raw milk contaminated with antibiotics residues in Khartoum State, Sudan

Limya, M. Warsma , Nazik, E.M. Mustafa , Ibtisam E. M. El Zubeir

In this study 300 milk samples (200 cows, 50 camels and 50 goats) were collected randomly from farms, sale points and collection points in Khartoum State during winter and summer and investigated for antibiotics residues. Detection of antibiotic residues was performed using two methods: Trisensor antibiotic ...

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Aflatoxin M1 Contamination in Fluid Milk Products, in Khartoum State, Sudan

Abeer A. Fadlalla , Ibtisam E.M. El Zubeir , Ayman Elnahas

In this study, the aim is to investigate aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) contamination levels in fluid milks offered for sale in Khartoum State, Sudan. Different milk samples were analyzed by aflasensor kits, using screening method; about 25 samples from raw and 62 samples of processed milk from 3 factories; 40 ...

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Aflatoxin M2 concentrations in raw milk of different dairy animal species in Egypt

Mahmoud M. Elalfy , Rania M. Kamal , Eman Abdelfatah , Walaa R. Galala , Emad A. Abass

Previously we reported aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) concentrations in dairy milk of different animal species. Yet, there are no reports of aflatoxin M2 (AFM2) concentrations in raw milk and milk products of different animal species. Aflatoxin M2 levels are usually very low or un-detectable using ELISA or chromatography ...

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Enumeration and characterization of aerobic bacillus species in cow’s milk from farms in Khartoum North, Sudan

Sanaa Y. K. Awad Aseed , Ibtisam E. M. El Zubeir

This cross-sectional study was conducted with the objectives of determining the loads and types of spore-former bacteria from the genus Bacillus in cow’s milk. One hundred samples of raw milk were randomly obtained from 20 dairy farms in Hillat Kuku and El seelait complexes in Khartoum North. Fifty ...

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Occurrence of adulterants and preservatives in the Milk Sold in Rural areas of Omdurman, Sudan

Asged, A. A. Mohammed , I. E. M. El Zubeir

In the present investigation, the chemical composition of milk was determined and the detection of the presence of some additives and preservatives in raw cow milk obtained from rural area of Omdurman city Sudan was done. The milk samples (n= 120) were obtained from rural areas of North and South Omdurman. ...

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Occurrence of Aflatoxins in Livers and Milk of Camels in Saudi Arabia

Al-Hizab, FA. , Barakat, S.E.M. , Hussein, Y.A.

The objective of the present study was to detect and quantify aflatoxins in liver and milk of camels. HPLC method was used to detect different aflatoxins. Liver samples were collected from slaughterhouses and milk samples from breeder's sites in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. Samples of camel livers ...

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Chemical Composition and Screening of Aflatoxin in Cows’ Milk in Gadarif town, Sudan

Kamal M. A. Abdalmahmoud , El Tahir S. Shuiep , Ibtisam E. M. El Zubeir , Omer H. M. Arabi

Objectives: This study was conducted to analyze milk samples, for chemical composition and detection of aflatoxins M1 in Gedarif town, East Sudan. Methods: One hundred milk samples were collected randomly; 35 samples from farms, 35 samples from sale points and 30 samples from groceries ...

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