Veterinary Medicine and Public Health Journal

Volume 3 - Issue 1 (1) | PP: 1 - 5 Language : English

Occurrence of Aflatoxins in Livers and Milk of Camels in Saudi Arabia

Al-Hizab, FA. ,
Barakat, S.E.M. ,
Hussein, Y.A.
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
10/12/2021 3/1/2022 2/3/2022 28/5/2022
The objective of the present study was to detect and quantify aflatoxins in liver and milk of camels. HPLC method was used to detect different aflatoxins. Liver samples were collected from slaughterhouses and milk samples from breeder's sites in Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. Samples of camel livers and milk (250 samples of each) were collected and analyzed. About 26.4 and 16% of livers showed a contamination level in the range of 0.4-1 ng/g aflatoxin B1 and B2, respectively, but there were no detectable levels of G1, G2, M1 and M2. About 29.7% of milk samples had a range of aflatoxin M1 of 15-50 ng/l and 6% had a range of 50-100 ng/l. However, M2 was not detected in any milk sample. Based on regulatory limits, the present values of aflatoxin in livers and milk were within the internationally accepted limits (permissible limits of aflatoxins are 0.5 ppb for liver and liquid milk, according to the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Meteorology and Quality, (SASO).

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