Veterinary Medicine and Public Health Journal

Volume 1 - Issue 3 (10) | PP: 120 - 126 Language : English

Enumeration and characterization of aerobic bacillus species in cow’s milk from farms in Khartoum North, Sudan

Sanaa Y. K. Awad Aseed ,
Ibtisam E. M. El Zubeir
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
12/6/2020 10/7/2020 4/8/2020 7/9/2020
This cross-sectional study was conducted with the objectives of determining the loads and types of spore-former bacteria from the genus Bacillus in cow’s milk. One hundred samples of raw milk were randomly obtained from 20 dairy farms in Hillat Kuku and El seelait complexes in Khartoum North. Fifty samples from 10 dairy farms from each location were included (3 individual cows and 2 bulk milk). All collected milk samples were examined for enumeration of the spore forming bacteria and isolation and identification of Bacillus species. This study revealed that 45% of the examined milk samples showed prevalence of spore-forming bacteria. Moreover, the higher count was found in the bulk milk (5.2×103 cfu /ml) compared to the individual milk samples (3×103 cfu /ml). The 45 isolates found are belong to Bacillus spp. included B. cereus (15.5%), B. pantothenticus (8.8%), B. licheniformis (13.3%), B. mycoides (11.1%), B. coagulans (37.7%), B. megaterium (4.4%) and B. subtilis (8.8%). The rate of isolation for B. cereus were 24% and 10%, B. pantothenticus 8% and 8%, B. licheniformis 5% and 20%, B. mycoides 8% and 12%, B. coagulans 24% and 55%, B. megaterium 4% and 4%, and B. subtilis 4% and 13% from an individual and bulk samples, respectively. In conclusion, this study showed that almost half of milk samples produced in the dairy farms in the studied areas were harbouring a lot of Bacillus species with high load and occurrence in the bulk milk suggesting that extra sources of contamination might arise during storage. Hence the study suggested the need for improved hygienic practices at the farms level. Moreover, for quality assurance, regular control programs have to be applied for quality production and consumption of milk and its products in Sudan.

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