Veterinary Medicine and Public Health Journal

Volume 4 - Issue 3 (2) | PP: 46 - 56 Language : English

Chemical Composition and Screening of Aflatoxin in Cows’ Milk in Gadarif town, Sudan

Kamal M. A. Abdalmahmoud ,
El Tahir S. Shuiep ,
Ibtisam E. M. El Zubeir ,
Omer H. M. Arabi
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20/8/2023 11/9/2023 23/9/2023 7/11/2023
Objectives: This study was conducted to analyze milk samples, for chemical composition and detection of aflatoxins M1 in Gedarif town, East Sudan. Methods: One hundred milk samples were collected randomly; 35 samples from farms, 35 samples from sale points and 30 samples from groceries in Gedarif town. Milk-Kana was used for determination of fat, solids not fat, lactose and protein, freezing point, density and added water and Unisensor kits were used as screening method for detection of aflatoxin M1. Results: The collected milk samples showed lower content of fat (3.4 +- 1.3%, 3.4 +- 1.3% and 3.5 +- 1.25%), solids not fat (7.7 +-1.1%, 8.1+-1.7% and 8+-1%), lactose (4.2+-0.6%, 4.4+-0.8% and 4.3+-0.5%) and protein (3+-0.4%, 3+-0.5% and 3+-0.4%). Relatively, the freezing point and density of milk revealed few variations in the examined samples. Moreover, the added water was high in the samples collected from the farms and sale points compared to those from the groceries. The occurrence of aflatoxin M1 was found in 22 (27.50%) of the milk samples. The presence of aflatoxin contamination was high in milk samples collected from sales points (15.0%) followed by farms (11.25%) compared to those obtained from groceries (1.25%). Conclusions: The presences of aflatoxin in the milk samples might indicate that the cow milk was contaminated with aflatoxins through feed. Hence this study recommended that good hygienic practices should be considered in Gadarif town. Similarly, regulations and lows for selling the milk should be implemented by the official authorities.


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