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The Aesthetics of the Place in the Story of the Leg of the Bamboo (For Saud al-Sanusi)

Ali Ahmed Omran

This study presents the aesthetics of the place in the Kuwaiti novel represented in the story of the leg of the bamboo. In this context, it is divided into four sections. The first section, entitled "aesthetics," focuses on the concept of aesthetics in language, morphology. The term "aesthetics" and ...

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The Narrative Techniques in the Novel of the Ship for Jabra Ibrahim Jabra

Naheda Ahmad EL-Kiswani

The writings of Jabra Ibrahim Jabra received a lot of critical attention, and his narrative work, in particular, remained to be an important thing to critics, researchers and intellectuals. In this study we focus mainly on the novel "The Ship" of Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, and the goal we seek to achieve from ...

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Women in 'Usama al-'Ayasa's novel: Jisr 'ala Nahr al-'Urdun- Tabarih Jundi lam Yuharib

Hawazen Othman Ali Al-Qadi

This study investigates the women’s image representing a factual sample of the Palestinian peasants before 1967. The depiction of women in the novel varies between: a wise and conscious grandmother, a defeated suicide mother, a daughter surrendered to her fate, a refugee adapted to her harsh life, ...

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The Semiotic of the Space in the Translated Novel “The Alchemist”

Futaim Ahmed Danawer

This study deals with the "narrative space" as a signifier that is analyzed by linking form and content, to find out whether the place has a neutral topographical presence in the novel, or an active global presence like other elements of the formal novel. To achieve this desired end, the study proceeded ...

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