International Journal for Arabic Linguistics and Literature Studies

Volume 6 - Issue 2 (2) | PP: 64 - 81 Language : العربية

Semiotic Approach Between Ghassan Kanafani & Radwa Ashour

Gada Mattar
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10/1/2024 8/6/2024 28/6/2024 9/7/2024
Objectives: The study aimed to follow up and monitor the changes taking place in the novel in the Palestinian context, through comparing between two novels from different periods, by two writers who lived in different periods, and dealt with the issue of the Palestinian issue and the displacement of the Palestinian people, each in their own language, style and imagination, which is the novel Return to Haifa (Kanafani 1969) and the novel Al-Tantouriya (2010 Ashour). Methods: The research sought to compare the two novels according to the semiotic approach, by analyzing the structure semiotically and comparing it to a similar structure in the same event by examining the procedural mechanisms for analyzing the novel in terms of the semiotics of textual thresholds, temporal and spatial space, and then the semiotics of the characters, language, and narration prominent in each of them. Conclusions: The research found that there were many signs that were connected to the same event, such as the Nakba, the defeat of 1967, and the Oslo Accords, and they were repeated in both novels. However, it was noted that there was a change in their meaning, and this was due to two factors: the writer's own position on the topic at hand, the context of the writing changed, and conditions from time to time.

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