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The Aspectual Distinction in Arabic Morphology: A Study in the Structure of the Word

Hussein Abbas Al-Rafaiah

This paper aims at revealing the semantic value of the aspectual distinction in the Arabic morphological forms that were studied by the ancient, not the modern, morphologists who had not singled out a chapter/ section for it. This paper then is keen in collecting some of this value's dispersed issues ...

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Synchronicity in Arabic language (semantic study)

Fouad Hamada

Synchronicity has been frequently used in modern sciences, both linguistically and idiomatically, which necessitated ingraining its meaning and the manner it is used. As for our ancient linguistic dictionaries and grammatical resources, synchronicity has been neglected, and the grammarians confined themselves ...

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The Manifestations of Linguistic Thinking in Movements and their Impact on Sentence Structure and Syntax: A Case Study of "Hama al-Hawamis fi Sharh Jami al-Jawamis" by Al-Suyuti

Ahmed Suleiman Bsharat

Objectives: This study aims to identify the role of nominatives in dividing the sentence into predicates and their functional role knowing the foundations upon which Arabic relied in arranging the Arabic sentence and the role of the syntactic movement and its connotations, identifying the origin of the ...

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Emphasis of the Present Tense Verb with the Letter (noon)

Mariam Ghassan Sami AL-Masri

Objectives: This study aims to identify the phonetic structure of the heavy and light (noons) and their use with correct and irregular verbs and when assigning the verb to the (alif) of pairs, the (waw) of the group, and the (ya'a) of address. Methods: This study relies on the analytical approach, which ...

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