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English for Academic Purposes: English for general skills Writing Course

Samah Thabet Sayed

This paper comprises a full plan of an in-sessional EAP writing course that was conducted on a group of monolingual undergraduates in KSA. It aimed to upgrade the quality of their writing and enhance their analytical and critical thinking skills to meet their immediate, specific vocational and professional ...

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The potency of pragmatic theoretical frameworks in the analysis of female literary writings in northern Nigeria

Acheoah John Emike , Margaret Nonyerem Agu

The paper examines the potency of pragmatic theories in the analysis of female writings in northern Nigeria. As a literary genre, poetry is unique for deploying enchanting language in the communication of the poet’s thematic preoccupations. In using language to communicate themes or subject matter, ...

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A Study on the Use of Locative Prepositions by Chinese English Majors in English Writing

Maosheng Hung , Tiantian Zhang

This study aims to examine 40 Chinese English majors’ use of locative prepositions in English writing. The students were randomly selected from the English department of a private university in Fujian, China. They were first informed of the purpose of the study, followed by being required to participate ...

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The Impact of Teachers’ LoTI and ICT Integration Abilities on Students’ L2 Writing Competency in the Context of TPACK Framework

Albatool Abalkheel , Maha Sourani , Israa Othman , Prodhan Mahbub Ibna Seraj

Although the outbreak of COVID-19 necessitated greater emphasis on digital education systems in Lebanon, public schools encountered barriers to implementing such improvements, chief among which involved English language teachers' lesser level of technology implementation (LoTI) capability in addition ...

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Exploring Nuanced Errors in Bangladeshi Tertiary EFL Students’ Writing Mechanics: A Pedagogical Implication

Md. Nurullah Patwary , Md. Saiful Alam , Md. Mohoshin Reza

Background: Top of Form In order to enhance tertiary EFL students' formal writing skills, it is crucial that they develop proficiency in writing mechanics alongside their syntactic maturity. It is crucial because weaknesses in writing mechanics can significantly impact the overall quality of the content. ...

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