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Major Influencing Factors of Language Development: Learners Developing Second and Foreign Languages

Md. Faruquzzaman Akan

The aim and objective of this research is to find out language learners’ factors, language learning factors, their influence on the whole process of language learning and finally to look for some possible solutions. It is worth mentioning that a particular factor can be a barrier to one learner, ...

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Gender Difference in Preferences for Second Language Vocabulary Learning Strategies: A Pilot Study

Chi Wui NG

Vocabulary learning strategies play an indispensable role in assisting foreign language learners in expansion of their lexicon albeit efficaciousness of each strategy largely contingent upon preferences of individual learners. The present pilot study aims at investigating gender difference in preferences ...

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Teacher Identity Development in Professional Learning: An Overview of Theoretical Frameworks

Hussain Ahmad , Sayyed Rashid Shah , Fatmawati Latada , Muhammad Nubli Wahab

This article discusses the need and essential components of theoretical frameworks and elaborates on the most notable theories that may be employed in the process of conceptualizing teacher identity development in different professional learning experiences. First of all, it explains the significance ...

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The Role of Input in Second Language Acquisition: An Overview of Four Theories

Nesreen Saud Alahmadi

Various theories of second language acquisition (SLA) attribute significant importance to the role of input in second language (L2) learning. The current paper attempts to explore the role of input through an overview of four theories of SLA. These theories highlight different views on the value of second ...

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Stylistics of Teaching and Learning Process of Language through Literature: A Symbiotic Relationship and Spontaneous Production of Creative Pedagogy

Moneer Ismail

This study showed that there is a strong link between literature, which is considered a living or symbiotic link. Therefore, the study indicated that the relationship should be examined and used to improve the teaching and learning process which are affected by literature and language at all levels of ...

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Practical Approaches towards Generating Creativity and Effectiveness in the Teaching of English Language

Mohammad Shaukat Ansari

Creativity in teaching includes learning latest skills, developing innovative insights into pedagogy and reflective classroom practices, and exploring advanced understandings of content and resources that in turn provide teachers with trove of supports and make them advance magnificently in their professional ...

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Flipped Classroom Technique: Engagement and Value

Basmah Ali Abu-ghararah

This paper explores the effectiveness of the flipped classroom technique in engaging learners and creating value, as perceived by EFL learners involved in a flipped classroom structure. It also investigates the effect of gender on engagement with and value of flipped activities. The study population ...

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Interaction in Online Learning Environment during Covid -19: Factors behind Lack of Interaction and Ideas for Promoting it

Mohammed A. A. Farrah , Shatha "Mohammad Ghassan" Jabari

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the learning process shifted from face- to- face learning into online learning as schools and universities closed almost all over the word. With the shift from face to face into online learning, the learning process effected negatively specially students’ interaction. ...

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Impact of English Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) on desired proficiency of 8th grade students

Muhammad Irfan Ashraf , Muhammad Arfan Lodhi

Within the context of lockdown and pandemic situation, by taking all these conditions in attention, government of Punjab introduced compact and shortened curriculum named as Accelerated learning program for 8th grade students. The accelerated syllabi are usually introduced and implemented to fulfill ...

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