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Ethnocentrism, Cultural Traits and Identity Negotiations of Japanese EFL learners

Nooshin Goharimehr

In contrast with learning English as a second language (ESL) in English speaking countries, learner identities in an EFL setting may be impacted by various contextual factors such as the learning environment’s unique sociocultural characteristics, ideologies and social values. Drawing on poststructuralism, ...

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Teacher Identity Development in Professional Learning: An Overview of Theoretical Frameworks

Hussain Ahmad , Sayyed Rashid Shah , Fatmawati Latada , Muhammad Nubli Wahab

This article discusses the need and essential components of theoretical frameworks and elaborates on the most notable theories that may be employed in the process of conceptualizing teacher identity development in different professional learning experiences. First of all, it explains the significance ...

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The Time Regulation Institute and the Quest of Modern Turkishness

Saman Hashemipour

In Turkey Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar is the subject of countless analyses and critiques. In ‘The Time Regulation Institute,’ Tanpınar offers a genuinely fascinating and engaging narrative set in post-Ottoman Turkey to the readers. The novel discusses the opposites; a family of wealthy aristocrats ...

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A Comparative Investigation of Sibawayh and Jakobson in Functional Linguistics

Albatool Abalkheel , Maha Sourani

The objective of this research is to connect Arabic theoretical linguistics with modern linguistics, not by disregarding the present and attributing the later theories solely to Arab grammarians and rhetoricians, as has often been assumed. Rather, this research aims to qualitatively explore the linguistic ...

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