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Syntax-Semantics Interface: Arabic is a Case

Samir Al Jumaily

In order to make a coherent statement or an accurate description, linguists have to focus on one aspect of a language and preclude the others according to a process called selected focusing, but it is believed that such an act of isolation is only an artificial practice. Although a naïve or a child ...

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Appraising Katherine Mansfield’s Father Figures in “The Little Girl”: A Transitivity Analysis

Md. Saiful Alam , Adelina Binti Asmawi , Mohib Ullah , Shafinur Nahar , Sayeeda Fatema

This article explores the patterns of father figures, the father -child relationships and power imbalance depicted in Katherine Mansfield's “The Little Girl”, using one tool of analysis from Systemic Functional Grammar, which is Transitivity. Examined are the ways Mansfield, as a Modernist ...

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A Comparative Investigation of Sibawayh and Jakobson in Functional Linguistics

Albatool Abalkheel , Maha Sourani

The objective of this research is to connect Arabic theoretical linguistics with modern linguistics, not by disregarding the present and attributing the later theories solely to Arab grammarians and rhetoricians, as has often been assumed. Rather, this research aims to qualitatively explore the linguistic ...

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Corrective Feedback of Grammarly in Enhancing L2 Writing by EFL Kurdish Students

Nayef Jomaa , Hishyar Jibroo

Background: Writing is the most difficult skill due to its complex communication mechanism. However, only a few studies have addressed the effect of technology on improving the writing skill. Purpose: This study aims to analyze the types of errors in second-language writing committed by second-grade ...

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