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EFL Students' Perceptions at Sudanese University Level of Native and Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers

Mohammed A.M. Elomarabi

This paper attempts to investigate the issue of native and non-native English-speaking teachers (NESTs/NNESTs within the Sudanese university context). Employing two research tools (pulling together quantitative and qualitative methods), the study examined a group of participants - (347) University English ...

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English for Academic Purposes: English for general skills Writing Course

Samah Thabet Sayed

This paper comprises a full plan of an in-sessional EAP writing course that was conducted on a group of monolingual undergraduates in KSA. It aimed to upgrade the quality of their writing and enhance their analytical and critical thinking skills to meet their immediate, specific vocational and professional ...

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A Comparative Study between English and Bangla Vowel System

A. K. M. Mazharul Islam

This paper briefly investigates the vowel sounds of English and Bangla language. Keeping the supra-segmental features aside, it mainly focuses on the major segmental similarities and differences of the vowel sound system of these two languages. The paper explores the articulatory system in brief and ...

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Eco-Translatology: A Study of the English Translation of Chinese Elements in American Films

TianDong , Lu Qiu

In recent years, many Hollywood blockbusters full of Chinese elements are quite popular in both western and eastern world. In cultural exchange, the essential translation remains a tough task for most translators. Especially for the profound and mysterious Chinese elements, we often see mistranslation, ...

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Is Informal English A True Gremline to International Students and Consequently Affecting Their Daily Life Communication With Native Speakers?

Samir A. Al Jumaily

This study is of twin purpose. First, it tries to investigate the linguistic difficulties encountered by international students studying in the UK in the use of Informal English and its effect on their daily life communication with native speakers. The second, it aims at finding out whether some other ...

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Language Policy and Planning in Nigeria: The Journey So Far

Acheoah, John Emike , Olaleye, Joel Iyiola

This study is an incisive overview of issues bordering on language policy and planning in multi-lingual Nigeria. British rule in Nigeria marked the beginning of doom for Nigerian languages. This was because English was entrenched constitutionally in sensitive and significant spheres of nation-building: ...

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Domestication of English Expressions Used by Iraqi Arabic Speakers: A Sociolinguistic Study

Ahmed Sahib Mubarak , Basim Jubair Kadhim

This paper deals with the process of domestication of English expressions as a sociolinguistic phenomenon. It aims to explore the reasons of domesticating foreign [English] expressions that are variously acculturated within such social variables as gender, age, and social status. A modified sociolinguistic ...

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Practical Approaches towards Generating Creativity and Effectiveness in the Teaching of English Language

Mohammad Shaukat Ansari

Creativity in teaching includes learning latest skills, developing innovative insights into pedagogy and reflective classroom practices, and exploring advanced understandings of content and resources that in turn provide teachers with trove of supports and make them advance magnificently in their professional ...

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Decline in the Popularity of English Literature among EFL/ESL Saudi Learners

Tanzina Halim , Mohammad Sherajul Islam , Shanjida Halim

This paper addresses the issues related to learners' attitudes towards studying literature, their positive as well as negative views about literature. The paper also investigates why learners do not have the interest to study literature and why they find literature to be a difficult arena when they are ...

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A contrastive study on thanking in Arabic dialects and English

Rana Jamal Al-Maznaei

Cross-Cultural Pragmatics (CCP) is a field of study that focuses on the interaction of people from various cultures. It is to clarify cultural distinctions between languages that acquire meaning through context and sociocultural embedding, resulting in a pragmatic communication failure. This study determines ...

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