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The place of lineage determination by DNA in islam & medicine

Sayed Aqa sayes , Sami ullah Safi , Lutfullah Ariapoor , Ab.Rahim Ghafari , Said.Aminull Sadat

: Lineage has an important place in Islam. According to the sharia it is considered one of the five essentials that should be preserved. The DNA examinations is a means of identifying lineage, and it has become possible through DNA exams to identify murders and rape, track missing children , determine ...

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Contemporary Applications of the Cooperative Insurance Contract in the Light of Jurisprudence Rules (Jordan Islamic Bank and Islamic Insurance Company Limited as a Model)

Loiy Ahmad Hasan Alsheyab , Mohammad Ahmad Awad Alrawashdeh

Jurisprudence rules: keeping many branches with few words, and because the branches branched, scattered and multiplied, the student needs to collect their peers. As for cooperative insurance in general: It is a social system based on the principle of cooperation and interdependence among members of society, ...

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The scientific efforts of Al-sayyid Mohammad Ameem Al-Ihsan towards tafsir studies

Mohammad Golamur Rahman , Sharifah Norshah Bani Binti Syed Bidin

Al-Sayyid MoÍammad ÑAmÊm al-IÍsÉn (d.1395H/1973AC) was one of the renowned scholars and personalities in Indian sub-continent in the nineteen century. He has a great role and significant contribution to spread various religious knowledge and education in the People's ...

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Multiparty pluralism in the Islamic state

Mohammad wali Hanif

This study addressed the issue of partisan pluralism in the Islamic state, where it stood on its legitimacy and talked about the extent of its legitimacy and the legitimate opinion in its existence within the Islamic State, and then showed evidence of those who supported its existence as well as those ...

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The Extent of Al-Takaful Palestinian Insurance Company’s Commitment to The Application of Islamic Cooperative Insurance and The Role of the Islamic Oversight committee in that Regard: An Analytical and Assistive Study

Ismail Mohammad Shindi

The current research aims to identify the extent of Al-Takaful Palestinian Insurance Company’s commitment to the application of Islamic cooperative insurance and the role of the Islamic oversight committee in that regard. As such, the research comes in three parts followed by a conclusion. Part ...

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Islamic Liberal in Singapore: An applied and Contemporary Studies

Ra’ed Said Ahmad Bani Abed Alrahman , Mohammad Hafed Aldin Bin Khamees

The study aimed to demonstrate the concept of Islamic liberalism in the Singaporean society and to reveal its truth and the reasons that led to its emergence and its effects in society, as well as the reasons of corruption for this idea and mentioned the position of the government and the religious councils. ...

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The consequences of marital disputes and their conflict with the purposes of Islamic law

Juma Atallah Hamdan , Muhammad Mutlaq Assaf

This research aims to clarify the necessity of taking care of the family and controlling its system, by preserving the lineage, tightening the marriage bond, then the kinship bond, then the in-law’s bond, and keenness to protect these bonds, preserve them, and preserve them from everything that ...

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The problems of contemporary Islamic discourse

Rafeeq Asaad Radwan , Abdul Karim Rabah Miqdad

Islamic Sharia is the conclusion of the messages. It is valid for every time and place. It is able to answer and clarify the provisions of every issue and event. It revealed the reality of the Islamic discourse and its importance; then addressed the problems of contemporary Islamic jurisprudence and ...

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The methodology of Mahmoud Muhammad Taha in his tow books a step toward marriage in Islam and the development of personal status law

Ismail Siddig Osman , Abd Elillah Kunna

In this study which is named (methodology of Mahmoud Muhammad Taha in his two books “Step towards Marriage in Islam and “Development of Personal Status Law”), the researchers focused on one of the most important books written by Mahmoud i.e. “Development of Personal Status Law”, ...

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Islam Position of Delayed Cash Exchange of Paper Money

Saleh bin Mohammad Al-Khudairi

The study aims to discuss the contract of forward exchange of money in Islamic Jurisprudence, where the general concept of exchange has been elaborated as well as the evidences of its legitimacy from Qur’an, Sunnah, Ijam (consensus) and Ma’aqul (rational justification). In addition, the study ...

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