International Journal of Specialized Islamic Studies

Volume 5 - Issue 2 (2) | PP: 65 - 78 Language : العربية

Islamic Liberal in Singapore: An applied and Contemporary Studies

Ra’ed Said Ahmad Bani Abed Alrahman ,
Mohammad Hafed Aldin Bin Khamees
Received Date Revised Date Accepted Date Publication Date
30/12/2020 3/3/2021 4/4/2021 19/6/2021
The study aimed to demonstrate the concept of Islamic liberalism in the Singaporean society and to reveal its truth and the reasons that led to its emergence and its effects in society, as well as the reasons of corruption for this idea and mentioned the position of the government and the religious councils. Through a comparative documentary approach and an analytical approach. The study concluded that Islamic liberalism has a special concept in Singapore, which is corrupt when it is presented to Islamic and Islamic belief and ethics, but accepted by the Singaporean government and is still widespread in society. The most important recommendation of the study is to adhere to the book of Allah and his Messenger, peace be upon him where there is no way to focus only on the religious education and correct education.

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