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The Effect of Early Doctrinal Controversies on the Qur'anic Text

Tamer Mohamed Metwaly

Near the end of the first century, era of the disciples, the doctrinal Controversies began to appear. A period of intense rivalry among various groups of Muslims who advocated divergent ways of understanding their religion with competing groups that held contrary views. Some "heretics," like the Kadrya, ...

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Islamic Liberal in Singapore: An applied and Contemporary Studies

Ra’ed Said Ahmad Bani Abed Alrahman , Mohammad Hafed Aldin Bin Khamees

The study aimed to demonstrate the concept of Islamic liberalism in the Singaporean society and to reveal its truth and the reasons that led to its emergence and its effects in society, as well as the reasons of corruption for this idea and mentioned the position of the government and the religious councils. ...

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