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The Impact of Islamic Faith in Achieving Intellectual Security

Badria Mohammed Abdullah Al-Fawzan

This is why it is important to study the impact and role of the Islamic faith in achieving and instilling intellectual security within the Muslim community. Hence, the problem that the research deals with is highlighted in this study. (The impact of Islamic belief in the achievement of intellectual security), ...

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Jurisprudence of the Maalikis and its Impact on the Absorption of Family Calamities - Wife's Grace for Processing A Model

Abdelaziz Ouasfi , Hamid Mesrar

This research examines the concept of Islamic law and its treatment of the subject of the family in terms of its importance as the first cell in the building of society, as well as the statement of its rights, its sound foundations, and its strong pillars that guarantee its stability and preserve its ...

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The Impact of Student Religious Activities on The Convictions of Palestinian University Students

Muath Ibrahim Ateeli , Muhamad Faisal Asha’ari

Religious activities across Palestinian universities are considered as the most important student work aspects. The purpose of these activities is to urges students to adhere the regulations of Islam, to show good morals, and to leave the immoral and bad deeds.The students parties are usually use direct ...

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Rules of jurisprudence principles used to understand Fatema Bint Qays hadith, and its jurisprudential impacts (from the divorce section of the book: Ihkam al-Ahkam Sharh Umdat Al-Ahkam by Ibn Daqiq Al-Eid)

Mu'mena F. M. Mu'ayyad

This research deals with the rules of jurisprudence principles used to understand Fatema bint Qays hadith in the divorce section, and its Jurisprudential impacts, to derive from them the entitlement of divorced woman to maintenance and housing during her waiting period. So, it applied the rules of jurisprudence ...

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Legislative aspects of inheritance and its economic and social effects and contemporary suspicions- A study in the texts of the two revelations

Abdel Rahman Abdel Nasser Sayed Sultan

The research is limited to a set of basic frameworks that clarify its features, namely: the inheritance system in Islam, its foundations and goals, and its social and economic effects through studying the verses of the Holy Qur’an and the purified biography of the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon ...

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Intention and its Impact on the Bbjective (A Fiqhi Authenticating Study)

Nawaf Bin Raheel Al Sharari

This research presents a jurisprudential study of the effect of intention on intent, addressing the research problem represented in the question: What is the difference between intention and intent, and what is its effect on it? The aim of the research is to identify the subtle differences between intention ...

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The Impact of the Islamic Waqf Role in Developing and Promoting Sustainable Development

Ahmed Ali Ahmed Alhadad , Ahmad Irda Mokhtar , Abdul Ghafar Don , Mohamad Zulkifli Abdul Ghani

This research paper aims to clarify the contemporary concept of sustainable development from the Islamic perspective. Discussing the role of the waqf in promoting sustainable development, as it is part of the Islamic financial system, and defining its development nature. The research adopted the descriptive ...

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The Impact of Sticking to Teaching and Learning the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah on the Individual and Society

Amal ALsayed Mohmmed Alamin , Tmader Ibrahim Akasha

The study aims to explain the effect of adhering to the Book and the Sunnah; the researchers used the analytical, reflective, inductive, and deductive research method. To try to come up with important and accurate scientific benefits, the research included a set of results and recommendations, the most ...

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Systems on Improving the Quality of Banking Services in Jordanian Islamic Banks

Asma Ali Ghawanmeh , Asharaf Bin Mohd Raml , Abdullaah Bin Jalil , Mouiad fadeil Alawneh

The study aims to know the possibility of using artificial intelligence systems in Jordan Islamic banks from employees' perspective. It includes three banks: Jordan Islamic Bank for Finance and Investment, Islamic International Arab Bank and Safwa Islamic Bank. The study also aims to explain the impact ...

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