International Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies

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Employment of Social Networks in the Development of Life Skills among High School Students from the Perspective of Students and Teachers

Faraj bin Saad bin Abdullah al-Shihri

This study aim to find out the impact of the employment of the social networks on the development of life skills among high school students from the perspective of students and teachers. To achieve this, the study sought to answer the following main question: What is the appropriate recruitment of the ...

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The Reality of the Use of Social Networks in the Education of Graduate Students at King Saud University

Raedah Saad Almousa , Mohammad Abdulrahman Alsadany

The study aimed to find out the reality of the use of social networks in education among female graduate students at King Saud University. The study population consisted of all postgraduate female students (Masters and Ph.D.) at King Saud University, whose number is (3529), according to administrative ...

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