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Examine the effectiveness of a proposed educational unit in providing some basic computer skills for preschool children

Maimoona M. M. H. Abdultawab

The aim of the current study is to examine the effectiveness of a proposed educational unit in providing some basic computer skills for preschool children. The researcher followed the quasi-experimental approach based on the design of two groups ،one of which represents the control group ،and the other ...

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The development of an educational unit in physics according to multiple intelligence and measuring its impact on the development motivational towards learning among 9th grade

Basma Dhaif Allah Al-Aqaila , Abdullah Muhammad Khataybah , Abdul-Raouf Muhammad Al-Ali Al-Dairi

This study aimed at designing an educational unit based on multiple intelligence and its effect on developing the motivation towards learning among students of the ninth grade, the study sample consisted of (42) students from the ninth grade of basic education in the monastery of the secondary school ...

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Designing an educational unit using Hologram technology and its effect on the reflective thinking, among the eighth-grade students in Jordan

Muhammad Suleiman al-Khatatba , Wesal Hani Al-Omari

The study aimed to Designing an Educational Unit Using Hologram Technology and Measuring its Effect on the Reflective Thinking, Among Primary Students. The Zahwa Al-Din Al-Hamoud Secondary School for Boys was chosen, and it is one of the schools located in the Bani Ubaid Brigade, and it was chosen intentionally, ...

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The Implications of Educational Policies and Decisions on the Educational Learning Process during COVID-19 Pandemic

Zayd Hasan AL-Qiq

The study aimed to identify the implications of educational policies and decisions on the educational learning process during COVID-19 pandemic. To achieve this goal, questions were designed to be asked to a focus group consisting of (4) teachers working in education during COVID-19 pandemic. The questions ...

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The Effect of an Educational Unit in the Science Subject Developed According to the (STEAM) Approach in Developing Mental Motivation among a Sample of Seventh Grade Students

Magdy Said Aqel , Diana Nasser Azzam

The study aimed to investigate the effect of an educational unit developed in the science subject according to the (STEAM) approach in developing mental motivation among a sample of seventh-grade students in Gaza Governorate. An intentional sample of (70) female students from the seventh grade at Al-Sayeda ...

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