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Dimensional Analysis of the Results of Studies Using Integrated Activities in Kindergarten

Hend Mahmoud Hegazy Mahmoud , Kamal Nageeb El gindy , Naglaa Magd Mahmoud Elnahas

Recent developments in today's world. Education officials in many countries of the world have to consider education plans in line with those developments, and ideas have abounded. The ideas that were put forward include the idea of ​​integrated curricula. (Abdullah bin Saud, 43: 2001). A beautiful ...

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The Effect Program Based on Use of Environmental Activities to Improve Some Simple Skills for the Use of Computers for Students with Multiple Disabilities

Mona Helmi Abdel Hamid Tolba

The main objective of the study aimed at evaluating the efficiency of a suggested simple computer program for providing with the Students multiple disabilities necessary skills in reading, and in mathematics and recognizing suitable environmental activities through the use of available facilities. To ...

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Psychological Stress and its Relationship to Sports Injuries in School Sports Activities

Mahmoud Gamal Mahmoud Ali

The aim of the research was to identify the relationship between psychological stress and sports injuries in school sports activities for Prep and high school students from 14-18 years. The researcher used the descriptive method using the survey method to suit the nature of the research. 14- 18 years ...

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A proposed Scenario for Developing Extra-Curricular School Activities in Light of the Kingdom's 2030 Vision (Middle School Case Study 25)

Ghada Ali Atef Al-Omari

This study aimed to get acquainted with the reality of student activities in middle female schools to teach east of Jeddah, their needs of laboratories and equipment necessary for their application, the extent of their adequacy, and identify obstacles to their implementation, and clarify the reality ...

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