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Academic Services Management for Distance Learning at Taibah University in Madinah

Ali. H. Houriah , Afaf Kheder Wasel Al-Qurashi

The study aimed to identify the reality of Management of Academic Electronic Services Deanship of Distance Learning at the University of Taibah. Through the study of the level of manpower and technical services. From the perspective of students and faculty members, Using descriptive approach, the study ...

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Students’ attitudes at basic and secondary classes in Jordan towards distance learning and the challenges they faced during Corona pandemic (COVID-19)

Subreen Mahmoud Al Salman , Ali Khaled Ali Bawaneh

The study aimed to investigate the students' attitudes of basic and secondary schools in Jordan towards distance learning, the challenges they faced, and their suggestions to overcome them from their point of view. The study population included all Jordanian male and female students from all regions ...

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The Impact of Distance Learning on the Participation of Seventh and Nineth Grade Students

Fatima Abdullah Ershidat

The study aims at investigating the impact of distance learning on classroom participation among seventh and ninth grade students. Moreover, the study aims at identifying the pros and cons of distance learning from their point of view. The study sample consisted of 189 female students at Khawla Bint ...

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The Evaluation of Applying Distance Learning During the Corona Pandemic from the Cycle One Teachers' Point of View in the Sultanate of Oman

Ahmed MJ O Alfawair , Zainab Yaqoob Al Darmaki , Al Anood Said Al Shuhoumi , Raida Khalid Al Amri , Abir Abdallah Al Shabibi

The current study aimed to evaluate the application of distance learning during the Corona pandemic from the cycle one teachers' point of view in the Sultanate of Oman. Descriptive design was adopted. The study sample consists of (172) teachers who were selected randomly. The researchers developed the ...

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