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Evaluating the Results of Questionnaires from the Perspective of Some Saudi University Students

Majid Abdulfattah Mohammed Bokari

The study aimed to identify the degree of truthfulness of the results of the questionnaire distributed to students during the educational process such as questionnaires, evaluation of the course, assessment of the teacher of the course, assessment of academic programs, student activities, and other research ...

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The Effectiveness of Two Counseling Programs in Reducing the Level of Public Speaking Fear among Students at Nizwa University

Abdelfattah Alkhawaja

This study aimed to measure the effectiveness of two counseling programs in reducing the level of Public Speaking Fear among Students at Nizwa University. To achieve the objective of the study, the researcher used Personal Report of Confidence as Speaker (PRCS) (Hook, Smith, & Valentiner, 2008). ...

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The Attitudes Of the University Students Towards Vision 2030 And their Relation to Motivation to Achievement

Taha oglah Al-khrisha

The current study aimed to determine The Attitudes Of the University tudents Towards Vision 2030, and the level of motivation to achievement ,and discover the relationship between The Attitudes Of the University Students Towards Vision 2030 and the motivation to achievement. For the purposes of this ...

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The effectiveness of a cognitive counseling program to modify the university students ’attitude towards cheating in exams

Khalifa Ahmed Al Qasabi

The aim of this research is to modify the attitudes of student towards cheating in exams. The research followed the quasi-experimental approach. For the purpose of collecting data, a questionnaire was used by the researcher, indicating the level of trend towards fraud, and the research was applied to ...

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The reality of mental wandering among university students in Iraq in light of some variables

Zina Nizar

Mental wandering is the failure of some students to maintain their focus on their own thoughts and activities related to the current task, and this failure is due to a portion of external and internal stimuli that interfere to attract attention away from the task, and this is what prompted the current ...

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The role of the family climate in the relationship between the moral Thinking and intellectual extremism for a sample of female students in King Khalid University

Sobhia Ahmed Abdel Qader Mohamed

This study aims to identify the family atmosphere and its relationship to both moral thinking and intellectual extremism for a sample of female students in King Khalid University. The study includes (250) female students of scientific and literary specialties. The study includes the following hypotheses: ...

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The science processes of science faculty students at Yarmouk university and its relation to their attitudes toward science lab

Rahmah Ahmed Al-Issa , Ghazi Dhaif Allah Rawaqa

This study aimed to know the science processes of students of the Faculty of Science at Yarmouk University and their relationship to their attitudes towards laboratory work. To achieve the goal of the study. data were collected through a science processes test. consisting of (40) items. and a questionnaire ...

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The Effect of a Graphic Versus a Written Advance Organizer on Four Levels of Learning: Remembrance, Comprehension, Conclusion, and Application

Afnan N. Darwazeh

A random simple sample of one-hundred and five male and female students at freshman and sophomore level was withdrawn from An-Najah National University in Palestine. Then, the sample was randomly distributed into five groups: 1) two groups received graphic advance organizers (GAO): one received it with ...

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Self-regulated learning as a predictor of academic buoyancy among students of Umm Al-Qura university in Makkah Al-Mukarrma

Samera Mhareeb Al Otaybi , Samah Eid Al-Harbi , Omniah Abdulkader Alsharif

The research aimed to identify Self-Regulated Learning as a predictor of Academic Buoyancy among students of Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah, using the descriptive (correlative / differential / predictive) approach, the sample size was 343 male and female students completed the Academic Buoyancy Scale ...

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Compulsive Hoarding and its Relationship to Emotional Regulation among Umm Al-Qura University Students

Khadija Jameel Halawani , Alya Taher Abed

The current study aimed to determine the relationship between compulsive hoarding and emotional regulation among a sample of Umm Al-Qura University students and the gender differences according to the age group. The study was applied to a sample of (200) male and female students from Umm Al-Qura University, ...

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