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Effect Survey Strategies and Brainstorming in the Development of Creative Thinking among Tenth Grade Students in Jordan

Ahlam Hassan Abdullah Radwan

This study aims to identify the impact of each of the strategies of the survey and brainstorming in the development of creative thinking among tenth grade students who are studying the decision of Islamic education in the Directorate Brigade (qasabat irebed) in Jordan . The study sample consisted of ...

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The Effectiveness of a Group Counseling Program in Reducing Rebellion among Tenth Grade Students

Theeb AL- Rawwad

This study aimed to identify the effectiveness of a group counseling program in reducing rebellion among tenth grade students. The study sample, which consisted of thirty (30) participants, was divided randomly into two equal groups: an experimental group which received a counseling program based on ...

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Adaptation, family cohesion and happiness among tenth-grade students in Irbid governorate

Shuroog M. Maabreh , Anas R. Al-Masri

This study aimed to identify the relationship between adaptation, family cohesion and happiness among tenth grade students in Irbid Governorate, and to gauge the differences between them according to gender, the level of mother's education, and the level of father's education, based on a sample of (381) ...

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The Effect of an Electronic Educational Program Based on the Sachman Investigative Model in Developing the Tenth Grade Students’ Attitudes Towards the Subject of Earth and Environmental Sciences in Karak Governorate

Eyad Saleh Ahmed Bani Domi

The study aimed to investigate the effect of an electronic educational program based on the Sachman investigative model in developing the tenth-grade students' attitudes towards the subject of earth and environmental sciences in Karak governorate. The study sample consisted of (69) students from the ...

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The Effect of Scientific Stations Strategy on Developing Mind Habits on Physics among Tenth Graders in Qalqilya

Abdel Aziz Nizar Abdel Ghani , Mahmoud Ahmad Alshamali , Shadi Abualkibash

This study aimed to reveal the effectiveness of the Scientific Stations strategy in developing habits of mind among tenth graders in learning physics. The study sample consisted of (60) tenth graders at Al-Salam Secondary Boys School of the Ministry of Education in Qalqilya for the academic year 2019/2020 ...

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Habits of Mind and their Relationship with Self-Efficacy among Ninth and Tenth Graders in Al-Dhahirah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman

Fatima Salem Thani Al Balushi , Ahmed MJ O Alfawair

The study aimed to identify the relationship between the habits of the mind and the self-efficacy among a sample of ninth and tenth grade students in the Al Dhahirah Governorate. The sample of the study consisted of (416) students. To achieve the objectives of the study, the relational descriptive approach ...

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