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Control Center and Psychological Happiness with the Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Qassim Staff

Fatima Sahab Jalawi Al Rashidi

This study aimed to recognize the relationship between control center and psychological happiness. The study sample consisted of faculty members at Buraydah governorate, Al-Qaseem university, who numbered (99) professors, (50) of the scientific faculties' members, and (49) of humanity faculties' members. ...

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Some Psychological Characteristic Predictable of Sexual Harassment

Reham Mahmoud Hassan Bader Eddin

The present study aimed to identify the psychological structure behind the crime of sexual harassment and also to identify the personality pattern and its dynamic micro motor. The study sample consisted of 100students divided into 50 females and 50males aged 18-25.This study uses a multi-faceted personality ...

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Study of Psychological Stress and its Relation to Quality of life Among Faculty Members at King Saud University

Wael El Sayed Hamed

Title: Study of psychological stress and its relation to quality of life among faculty members at King Saud University Dr. Wael El Sayed Hamed El Sayed, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, King Saud University KSU Problem The problem of the study in the next main question is the relationship between psychological ...

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Some of the Psychological and Cognitive Factors Relating to Political Participation "A Field Study"

Reham Mahmoud Hassan Badruddin

The present study aimed to identify the relationship between psychological security and self-esteem as factors related to political participation in a random sample of males and females in different age stages. The study sample consisted of employees of the Alexandria and Tanta Universities (N = 140), ...

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Social Media and their Impact on the Psychological State of the University Student (Comparative Study of Multiple Countries)

Claire Helou , Tony Greg , Joseph Kerkmaz , Eliane Youssef

The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of social networking sites on the psychological state of the Arab university student. Therefore, the researchers prepared a questionnaire on this subject, and continued with a number of universities in the Arab countries. Based on the preliminary results, ...

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Psychological Needs Introduction to Early Detection of Developmental Learning Disabilities for Pre-School

Nawaf. M. Aldhafeeri

The aim of the study was to identify the psychological needs (competence, autonomy, and affiliation) index to predict the developmental learning disabilities with kindergarten children in Kuwait. a sample of 83 children from kindergarten children (29 of them with developmental learning disabilities, ...

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The Relationship Between the Quality of Psychological Life by the Five Major Factors of the Personality. Comparative Field Study on the Students of the University of Algeria

Salhi Saida , Ait Habouche Souad , Charifi Hanaa

The psychological life of the individual is governed by a set of personal traits that are regulated and regulated by his or her internal and external behavior and responses. Each of these features has its psychological, emotional and social significance. The quality of psychological life is one of the ...

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Quality of University Life as a Mediator between Psychological Alienation and Self-Esteem among Students of King Saud University

Wael El Sayed Hamed

The study aimed to identify the quality of university life as a mediator between psychological alienation and self-esteem among KSU students. A sample of (136) students (13%) of the study population responded to the study tools. The researcher used the descriptive analytical method. He prepared a measure ...

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The Effectiveness of the Use of Painting Therapy in Alleviating the Psychological Pressure in the Eye of Secondary School Students in the Bani Kenana Brigade

Tamara Mahmoud Nsair

a study aimed at identifying the effectiveness of the use of painting therapy in alleviating the psychological pressure in the eye of secondary school students in the Bani Kenana. The study used the semiexperimental method. The study sample consisted of (20) students who obtained a high degree in the ...

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The Relationship between the Addictive use of the Social Media Sites, Psychological Security and Getting Involved in Cyber Crime

Abeer Mohamed Al Sabban , Samah Eid Al-Harbi

This study aimed at showing the relationship between the addictive use of social media, psychological security, and getting involved in cybercrime. A total of (252) youth from Taibah University completed scales developed for this study (Psychological security scale, getting involved in cyber crime through ...

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