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The Leadership Style of Al- baha Region School Leaders According to the Likert Theory from Teacher’s Point of View

Aziza Khabti Ahmad AL-Ghamdie

This study aimed to identify the leadership styles of the school leaders in Al-baha Region according to the Likert theory from their point of view. The researcher used the descriptive approach. The sample consisted of (287) female teachers, Results of the study showed that school leaders practice leadership ...

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The Degree of Academic Leadership Practice at the University of Bishah for Innovative Leadership from the Point of View of Faculty Members

Norah Faleh Ayed Al-Shahrani

The aim of study was to identify the degree of innovative leadership practice of academic leaders at the University of Bishah from the point of view of faculty members . The researcher Used the descriptive method to fit it for the purposes of this study and the sample was formed from (209)Faculty member. ...

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The Availability Dgree of Servant Leadership Dimensions of the Principals in the Basic Education Schools in Al- Dhahirah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman in the light of the Laub Model

Hossam El Din Elsaid Mohammad Ibrahim , Said bin Rashid bin Ali Al Shuhumi

The present study aimed to identify the The availability dgree of servant leadership dimensions of the principals in the basic education schools in Al- Dhahirah Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman in the light of the Laub model, study used a descriptive method also used the questionnaire to collect ...

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The Influence of Academic Preparation of Kuwait University on Acquiring Leadership Behavior from Student’s Point of View

Sultan Ghaleb Aldaihani , Anwad Fahad Alkhaldi

This study aimed to investigate the degree of influence of academic preparation of Kuwait University on acquiring leadership behavior from student’s point of view. The descriptive method was used. its tool was a questionnaire which was applied on a simple random sample of (676) students. By using ...

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The Degree of Principal’s Practice of Transformational Leadership in the Southern Province of Batinah in the Sultanate of Oman Its Relation to the Level of Job Loyalty of Teachers Working

Adel Al-Musqari , Mohammed Al-Jaridih

The study aimed at identifying the degree of principals’ performances transformational leadership in the Al Batinah South Governorate in the Sultanate of Oman and finding out the relation between transformational leadership and teachers’ loyalty to their jobs. To achieve the objectives of ...

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Emotional Intelligence and its Relation to the Leadership of the School Leaders in the Al-Mithnab Governorate from the Perspective of Teachers

Ali Saleh Alshaya , Awatif Batah Al - Mutairi

The study aims to identify the relationship between the extent to which school female leaders have exercised emotional intelligence skills and the extent of which servant leadership was exercised from the point of view of female teachers in Al-Mithnab Governorate; if there is a statistically significant ...

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Academic teams and their role in entrepreneurial leadership development at female students of the faculty of education, Qassim University from their perspective

Fatma Abd Al-Moneim Mohammed Moawad , Hissah AbdulMohsen AlDhawyan

The research aims to identify the role of academic teams in entrepreneurial leadership development, and obstacles that hinder team work in the entrepreneurial leadership development among students in the Faculty of Education at Qassim University. The research used the descriptive survey method, the questionnaire ...

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The effect of emotional intelligence on the ability of educational leadership among school principals in the Sultanate of Oman

Hamed Hamood Sulaiman AL Ghafri

The aim of the current study is to learn about the impact of the dimensions of emotional intelligence (emotional sensitivity, emotional maturity, emotional competence) on the dimensions of leadership (objectivity, use of power, flexibility, understanding of others, knowledge of communication principles) ...

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The degree of contribution of the public primary school leaders in Jeddah city in developing their human resources in the light of kingdom's vision 2030 (from the female teachers and the deputy superintendent point of view)

Hanan Mahmoud Sami Ahmed Arab , Aisha Bakr Adam Fallath

This study aims at measuring the degree to which the female leaders of public primary schools in the city of Jeddah have contributed to developing their human resources in the light of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 from the viewpoint of female teachers and deputy superintendent. The study used the survey-descriptive ...

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The degree of school leadership practice of its role in caring for gifted students at Jeddah governorate

Mohammed Ahmed Alshehri , Fahad Abdulrahman Almalki

The purpose of the study was to investigate the degree of school leadership practicing its role in taking care of gifted students as perceived by teachers. The study adopted the survey descriptive approach, as the questionnaire was used to collect data. The population of the study consisted of all teachers ...

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