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The Performing Skills in the Graphic Design Course for Visual Media in the Field of Educational Technology for the Undergraduate Stage in the Middle East University and the Extent of Applying it from the Student’s Point of View

Lina Rasem Arafeh

This study aimed to determine the performance skills (practical) in the graphic design for visual media in the educational technology specialization for a bachelor's degree at the University of the Middle East using the content analysis tool, and to determine the extent of students' application of the ...

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Perceptions of English Teachers Towards Using Machine Translation in Learning and Instruction

Mohammed Hassan Albhere , Riyadh Abdulrahman Alhassan

The study aimed at identifying the perceptions of English Teachers about using MT (Machine Translation) in Instruction and Learning. A descriptive method was used to analyze the data. A stratified sample of (56) English Teachers was surveyed. A refereed five points Likert -type questionnaire of three ...

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