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Students’ attitudes at basic and secondary classes in Jordan towards distance learning and the challenges they faced during Corona pandemic (COVID-19)

Subreen Mahmoud Al Salman , Ali Khaled Ali Bawaneh

The study aimed to investigate the students' attitudes of basic and secondary schools in Jordan towards distance learning, the challenges they faced, and their suggestions to overcome them from their point of view. The study population included all Jordanian male and female students from all regions ...

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Distance education requirements in Saudi Arabia's universities to face the Corona pandemic (A proposed vision)

Mona Abdullah Al Samhan

The study aimed to uncover the requirements for distance education in universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to confront Corona. To achieve the aim of the study, the researcher, through the descriptive and analytical study methodology, analyzed the literature and experiences related to distance ...

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Distance education in the light of Corona pandemic (A Comparative study between Sultanate of Oman and The Kingdom of Morocco)

Yasser Juma Khamis Al-Shuhomi , Mohammed Ghazali

The study aimed to compare the experience of responding and dealing with the Omani educational system and the Moroccan educational system with the emergency conditions in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and to identify the impact of the pandemic on education in the two countries, to identify the most ...

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Reality of implementation the learning distance from the viewpoint of 11 grade students and their parents selected randomly from Aldahirah governate under the Corona pandemic

Saif Nasser Saif Alazri

This study aimed to uncover the reality of implementation the learning distance from the viewpoint of 11 grade students and their parents selected randomly from Aldahirah governate. Two Questionnaires were used to collect the data and a sample of (104) students and their parents were participated in ...

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The factorial structure of the Tabuk university student attitudes scale towards employing the blackboard e-learning management system in distance education during the Corona pandemic

Shaher Khaled Suleiman , Sanaa Mosa AL-qadi

The current research aimed to verify the Construct Validity of the Tabuk University Student Attitudes Scale towards the use of the Blackboard E-learning management system in distance education and to reveal students' attitudes toward employing the system during the Corona pandemic, using the descriptive ...

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Standardizing of the Perfectionism Scale for Adolescents in the Saudi Environment during the Corona Pandemic (Covid-19)

Nessrin Ismail Alsaid Ibrahim

The aim of this research is to identify the levels of perfectionism (normal and neurotic) among young people in the Saudi environment during the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), in addition to identifying the differences in the level of perfectionism according to the gender variable. To achieve the aim of ...

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The Reality of Psychological Stress Resulted from the Corona Pandemic in Relation with Some Changes among Early-Years Teachers in The Schools of West Nablus in their Own Views

Nazeer Ahmad Abed Rabbo , Maram Saadi Abugharbieh , Joltan Hassan Hijazi

The study aimed to shed light over the reality of psychological stress resulted from the Corona pandemic in relation with some changes among early-years teachers in the schools of West Nablus in their own views. It also aimed to recognize the differences related to statistical clues within the responses ...

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Role Conflict Among Mothers of Children with Intellectual Disabilities at the Sultanate of Oman in Light of the Corona Pandemic

Amira Sulaiman Abdullah Al Kindi , Ahmed MJ O Alfawair

The current study aimed to identify the Conflict of Roles among mothers of children with intellectual disabilities at the Sultanate of Oman. Descriptive design was used. The study sample consists of (86) respondents who were mothers of children with intellectual disabilities. The researcher developed ...

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Degree of Students' Social and Emotional Learning Competencies in the Schools of the Second Episode of Basic Education in Oman

Ali bin Saeed bin Saleem Al-matri , Moza bint Abdullah bin Khamis Al-Muqbaliya , Iman bint Mohammad bin Zaid Al Ma'awlyah

The study aimed to identify the degree of students' social and emotional learning competencies in the schools of the second episode of basic education in Oman after the Corona pandemic, and the researchers used the descriptive curriculum. The questionnaire of the OECD study was used for social and emotional ...

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The Degree of Using Psychological Defence Mechanisms and its Relationship to Academic Achievement in Distance Education During the Corona Pandemic

Esraa Atyah Alharthi

The study aimed to identify the degree of use of psychological defence mechanisms and their relationship to academic achievement in distance education during the Corona pandemic. As well as determining if there are differences in the academic level of the university student according to the different ...

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