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The Relationship between Strategic Agility and the Ability to Manage Crises in Saudi Universities “An Applied Study on King Khalid University”

Najla Ghazy Hamed Al-Yaha , Salim Bourchid Abdelkader

The study aimed at identifying the relationship between the strategic agility and the ability to manage the crisis for the officials of the King Khaled University. The analytical descriptive methodology was adopted. In addition, a questionnaire formed of (52) items distributed on (207) of the officials ...

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The Effect of Strategic Agility in Achieving Competitive Advantage (An applied Study in King Khalid University)

Tahani Salem Ali Alali

Objectives: This study aimed to investigate the effect of strategic agility in achieving competitive advantage in King Khalid University at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Methods: To achieve the goals of this study, the researcher used the descriptive approach. Also, the researcher used the comprehensive ...

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