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Authentic evidence derived from electronic media- comparative study

Larbaoui Nabil Salah

Legal aspect form backbone of commerce; whether traditional or electronic; so many counties and institutions have sought to find the rules and legal systems governing electronic commerce. Electronic commerce is one of the tributaries of the information revolution as it has become the backbone of the ...

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Proposed Framework for an Accounting Information System Adapted with the E-commerce Operations

Mohyee Eldin Mohamed Ibrahim Osman

The study tackled the problem of the lack of protection of the accounting information system in light of the use of e-commerce for the loss of control over the inputs that result from the use of e-commerce. The study aimed at identifying the obstacles that can limit the ability of banks to use e-commerce ...

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The effect of obstructions in the e-commerce in electronic commerce applications: evidence from the Jordan business sector

Kulthoom Mansour Al-ghananeem

The study aimed to find out the electronic and the impact of trade obstacles in e-commerce applications in the Jordanian business sector, the concept of electronic commerce obstacles in the business sector is clarified, and these obstacles are mentioned, which are three main obstacles in this study technological ...

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