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Binary logistic regression to measure the impact of social support to ability for encounter problems (an applied study on the employees of princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman university)

Karima Ahmed El Sayed , Inas Abu Bakr Helal

This study aims to try to identify the extent to which the dual logistic regression model can be used to measure the impact of social support for individuals on the ability to face problems to verify the validity of the research hypotheses or not, taking into account the types of social support according ...

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Conceptual Framework Depicting the Interrelationship between A Country's Welfare Regime and its Health System

Shenaaz Gani , Bernadene de Clercq

The effectiveness of healthcare systems varies greatly, and the ability to achieve important health objectives varies between welfare regimes and nations. In order to improve our understanding of how health systems perform under various welfare regimes, this paper offers a framework that establishes ...

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